Plasterpol EPS Facade System                 

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Cavity Layout

EPS and Mesh Layouts

Block Fixing Detail

Bracket Fixing Detail into Cladding

Standard Chimney Capping Detail

Timber Post Plan Detail

Typical Door Sill Detail

Timber Sub-Floor Foundation Detail

Standard Base Detail

Timber Post Ground Connection Detail

Vertical Control Joint Detail

Mid-Floor Joint Detail

Mid-Floor Joint Detail2

Drained Mid-Floor Joint Detail

AAC Panel-Weatherboard Mid-Floor Junction Detail

EPS Panel-Weatherboard Junction Detail

EPS Panel-Weatherboard External Corner Detail

Internal and External Corner Detail

Internal and External Corner Detail

EPS Panel-Weatherboard Internal Corner Detail

Standard Window Head Detail

Standard Window Jamb Detail

Standard Sill Detail

Garage Door Head Detail

Garage Door Jamb Detail

Pipe Penetration Detail

Electrical Penetration Detail

Standard Meterbox Section Detail

Standard Meterbox Isometric Detail

Standard Eaves Detail

Clipped Eaves Detail

Standard Eaves Edge Detail

Gutter Scupper Detail

Parapet Capping Detail

Parapet-Interior Gutter Junction Detail

Enclosed Balustrade to Wall Junction

Supercoat Tanking Membrain Deck Junction

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